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Eyecare Services

Morris Eyecare provides complete vision care, including comprehensive eye examinations, for both children and adults at our office in Greenup, Kentucky. We know your vision is important to you—and it's important to us. When you come for your appointment, we make sure to schedule ample time for your examination so you will never feel rushed. Among the list of our eyecare services, Morris Eyecare provides comprehensive eye exams, preventative vision care, diagnostic testing, and optical lab and dispensing of eyewear.

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Our comprehensive eye examinations check your eyes inside and out for ocular disorders or diseases. Your visual skills and abilities are carefully evaluated and appropriate treatment is prescribed, including medication, lenses, or vision therapy. We are prepared to handle whatever your needs are, and will treat them with the latest diagnostic equipment, as we are committed to keeping up with eyecare technology.


Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes can be caused by a wide array of factors. In our area especially, a significant portion of our patients suffer from dry eyes disease, and our doctor is very experienced in treating this condition through the use of a variety of eye drops and medications such as Restasis or Xiidra, or in severe cases, through the use of the Prokera Lens. 


Tear Osmolarity Testing
With our Tear Lab, we are able to quickly and accurately measure the concentration of the tears produced by the eye. With this information, Dr. Morris may better treat ocular surface diseases such as keratoconjunctivitis sicca or dry eye syndrome. This can help resolve and prevent a variety of conditions that are damaging to the surface of the eye.

PROKERA® Treatment

Prokera is a unique therapeutic device that reduces inflammation on the surface of the eye while promoting scar-less healing of your cornea. It is used to protect, repair and heal damaged eye surfaces. The lens itself is made of an amniotic membrane stretched over a poly-carbonate ring, and can be used to treat conditions such as severe dry eye syndrome, SPK, corneal scars, chemical burns, corneal defects, and many other ocular surface diseases involving inflammation.


BioDOptix® Amniotic Extracellular Membrane

BioDOptix is a human amniotic tissue allograft processed using proprietary technology. Human amniotic tissues have been shown clinically and scientifically to support soft tissue repair. The lens itself is made of an amniotic membrane, and can be used to treat conditions such as severe dry eye syndrome, SPK, corneal scars, chemical burns, corneal defects, and many other ocular surface diseases involving inflammation.

Treatment of Eye Infections, Red Eyes, Ocular Allergies

There are a vast number of possible culprits when it comes to red, irritated eyes, and our doctor is equipped to find a solution. Whether you have a major eye infection, or are suffering from ocular allergies, Dr. Morris is ready to remedy the problem.


Cataract Pre/Post-Operative Care & Referral

In many cases, cataracts are simply a part of the aging process that we all go through. Dr. Morris can accurately diagnose and refer patients for cataract surgery. Our office can also handle your post-op care, saving you travel time and cost after your surgery.


Diabetic Eye Examination

If you have diabetes, a thorough, yearly dilated eye examination is paramount to the well being of your eyes. Our office has the necessary equipment to perform the examination and tests that diabetes demands. Most offices lack the necessary equipment and experience to truly care for a diabetic patient's eyes, but Dr. Morris is committed to maintaining up-to-date testing equipment and a superior level of care.


Glaucoma Pressure Testing and Treatment 

Morris Eyecare is very experienced in the diagnoses and treatment of Glaucoma. This involves measuring the internal pressure of the eye, in addition to thorough examination and imaging of the optic nerve to detect signs of disease. Our office uses the latest technology available for detecting and treating glaucoma as early as possible.


Macular Degeneration Examination

Macular Degeneration is a disease that affects the portion of the eye responsible for sharp, central vision. Our office has a variety of pieces of equipment used in the detection and management of this disease, and if necessary Dr. Morris has relationships with specialists to whom he may refer for additional treatment.


LASIK and Refractive Surgery Consultation, Pre/Post-Operative Care & Referral

Dr. Morris can thoroughly evaluate and explain whether or not you may be eligible for refractive surgery, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of such a surgery. Additionally, our doctors can handle your post-operative care, saving you travel time and cost after your surgery.

Digital Cross-Sectional Retinal Imaging (OCT)

The Cirrus OCT is the industry standard in optical coherence tomography technology. We use this technology in the detection and diagnoses of conditions such as diabetes, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. The OCT allows Dr. Morris to thoroughly evaluate the health of the retina and optic nerve by providing a three-dimensional cross-section of the tissue and various structures of the eye. 


Electroretinography (ERG) and Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) Testing 

These tests allow Dr. Morris to gain objective, functional information about the performance of the inner retinal cells of the eye, especially in the macula, and to objectively measure the functional responses of the entire visual pathway from the anterior segment of the eye to the visual cortex of the brain.


Visual Field Testing

Our Octopus Visual Field is a machine that evaluates and maps a patient's peripheral vision for the doctor to evaluate for patients with glaucoma, recent head trauma, or many other conditions.



This test measures the thickness of one's cornea prior to Refractive Surgery and Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), for the evaluation and treatment of Ocular Hypertension and Glaucoma, and in the treatment of corneal conditions such as Keratoconus.


Corneal Topographical Mapping

Our topography equipment provides our doctors with a detailed, patient specific measurement of the surface curvature of the cornea. This allows the doctors to fit patients with the best soft, gas permeable, or CRT contact lenses possible. This device is also used to obtain measurements for refractive surgery.


Optomap Retinal Imaging

Morris Eyecare's Optos Optomap a unique technology that captures more than 80% of the retina. This device allows the doctor to examine much more of the retina than they are able to observe using the biomicroscope, and is beneficial in detecting changes from diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, macular degeneration and glaucoma.


Pediatric Vision Examinations

The American Optometric Association recommends that children receive their first eye exam at 6 months old. At Morris Eyecare we have a friendly and caring staff and doctor who are great with children, and we are delighted to care for your child's eyes.


Optical Dispensing of Eyewear 

Whether you are in need of reading glasses, computer lenses, progressive or lined bi-focal lenses, tri-focals, single vision glasses, sunglasses, safety eyewear, or sports glasses, we are equipped to accommodate you and your eyewear needs. We provide the highest quality eyewear available, and desire everyone to have access to the eyewear they need.

Preventative Vision Care

Vision, in the broadest sense, is the global ability of the brain to extract, process, and act on information presented to the eye. This complex process can be thought of in three major, but related areas: visual acuity, which is largely dependent upon refractive status and eye health; visual efficiency skills, representing eye focusing, teaming, and tracking skills; and visual information processing, representing the ability to recognize and discriminate visual stimuli and to interpret them correctly based upon previous experience. Every examination we provide, regardless of age, has these thoughts in mind.

In House Lab

Our in house lab has a large inventory of single visions lenses for private jobs. This allows for faster turnaround times on most glasses. In addition, we are able to cut lenses in house. The person making your glasses is often the same one that interacts with you, our patients, ensuring you have glasses that are comfortable and match your style. In addition, we provide 1 year nose pads and screw replacements at no extra charge for your glasses purchased at Morris Eyecare. Our in house lab makes repairing and adjusting your glasses quick, easy, and cost effective.

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